Disc harrow manufacturer

1. The rake will divide the ground into areas of the same size, which is more similar to the ploughing. It can also avoid turning small bends, and the work efficiency is also very high. The main stroke is to work along the direction of cultivated land. The work resistance is small and the leveling effect is poor. It is more suitable for relatively loose and flat soil.

2. The method of shuttle rake and prismatic rotary tillage is more similar. This is relatively simple, the unit has to make a big turn on the ground, so it is relatively long to stay on the ground.

3. The direction of travel of the diagonal harrow unit and the direction of the arable land present a certain angle, which is 45 degrees, so it is called an inclined harrow. This actually rakes the ground twice and has a good effect on the ground. However, the walking route is complex and requires the operator to operate skillfully to avoid leakage or heavy raking.

Disc harrow manufacturerIt is mainly used to wipe out stubble before farmland in places with heavy pressure, break the compaction of the surface, and can also crush straw and return it to the field. After farmland, it can also achieve various tasks such as crushing soil and leveling the land. It can also replace plough to carry out soil ploughing operations on familiar ground, so its use and maintenance will be more important. Because the soil and fertilizer can be mixed well, the harrow of light soil replaces the work of tillage. This structure is very simple to use, sturdy and durable, it is also very convenient to use, and maintenance is also very simple. The performance of the buried soil is also very good, and the ground surface is also very flat after raking, which can meet the relatively fine agronomic requirements.

In addition to this, this kind of machinery is also the advantages of similar advanced products abroad, and then designed according to the standard. The whole machine adopts a combined structure, with an integral rigid rake frame as the main body, and is equipped with hydraulic pressure to transport rubber wheels, spring leveling mechanism andDisc harrow manufacturerThe special outer spherical inner square hole sealed rolling bearing also has a reasonable structure, sturdiness and durability, convenient transportation, and the turning radius is relatively small, which is very easy to adjust.

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The correct use and maintenance of the disc harrow: in operation, the technical condition of the rake, scraper, square shaft, bearing, angle adjuster and connecting parts should be checked frequently, especially the end nut of the disc harrow group and the fixing bolts of each bearing. If it is found loose, tighten it in time, and remove the weeds and dirt on the workpiece in time.

How to maintain planter accessories

Planter A planting machine using crop seeds as a planting object. Planters for a certain type or crop are usually named after the crop type, such as wheat planter, cotton planter, etc. Planter accessories are very effective in farmland operations, so the planter accessories are easily damaged. Next, the planter manufacturer will introduce how to maintain the planter accessories. Before using the planter, we should have a simple and comprehensive understanding of the principles of all planter accessories. The planter manufacturer stated that it can be effective as long as the maintenance is carried out on the correct accessories to ensure the normal use of the planter accessories. The planter will extend its life.

Defects in castings and forgings

The defects produced in the casting and forging process are similar to the defects produced in the ingot, but they are still process defects, including pores, inclusions, shrinkage holes, loose holes, cracks, etc.

Production of castings and forgings

Castings and forgings must be melted by electric furnaces, mainly electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces. According to the different lining materials and slag system, can be divided into acidic furnace and alkaline furnace. Carbon steel and low alloy steel can be smelted in any furnace, but high alloy steel can only be smelted in alkaline furnaces.

Inspection of Casting and Forging

The complex information system management interface of casting and forging, such as poor ultrasonic penetration, coarse grain, uneven organization, etc., all enhance the scattering of an ultrasonic wave by students, and the energy can be effectively attenuated, so that the detectable thickness is smaller than that of forgings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of casting and forging

One of the advantages of casting and forging is the flexibility of design. Personnel design has a large degree of freedom of design choice for the shape and size of castings, especially for parts with complex shapes and hollow sections. Steel castings can be manufactured using a unique process known as core assembly.