What is the role of the combined land preparation machine?

What is the role of the combined land preparation machine?

Presumably, many people have heard of the joint ground preparation machine, the joint ground preparation machine, do you know? Today, the joint ground preparation machine editor will take you to understand what is a small joint ground preparation machine.

The joint soil preparation machine is an indispensable assistant in the busy agricultural spring festival. Its versatility liberates the labor force of farmers and makes it easy and quick to cultivate arable land. The cultivator is a multifunctional small agricultural machinery designed and produced specifically for vegetable greenhouses, hills, and mountains according to the actual needs of farmers. Farmers should master the purchase knowledge when purchasing the combined soil preparation machine and pay attention to maintenance skills during use. Correct operation is also important.


Two-wheel small tiller, including frame, adjustable height and low armrest, diesel engine or gasoline engine (air-cooled or water-cooled) on the frame, gearbox on the frame and armrest, and gearbox with output shaft. A drive wheel or chain rail that moves along an axle. There are three main transmission modes: full gear transmission, belt transmission and chain transmission. The machine has the characteristics of light weight, low fuel consumption, high relative power, compact structure, strong maneuverability, light and flexible operation. It can climb hills, span ridges, and has solid steps. It is widely used in deep rotary tillage, shallow rotary tillage and tillage operations in dry land, paddy fields, orchards, vegetable fields and tobacco fields in plains, mountainous areas and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can be used for pumping water, generating electricity, spraying, spraying, harvesting, forming ridges, laying film, drilling, breaking grass, harvesting roots and stems, reclaiming, reclaiming, deep digging, applying base fertilizer, weeding, weeding, etc. Broken soil, local can also be used for arable land, buried vines and other operations, can also be towed trailers for short-distance transport. Is a large and medium-sized agricultural machinery can not be compared with the multi-functional small agricultural machinery. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable work, long service life and convenient maintenance. The tractor.

Farmers need to pay attention to the following matters in the process of using the combined land preparation machine:

1. Before using the small cultivator, the user should memorize the product instructions provided by the manufacturer, understand the structure and related functions of the components of the small cultivator, and do not rush to operate the machine. Machines need to be skilled, especially when some people think that a little knowledge is a know-it-all, but they fail in their use.

2. When using a small cultivator, operate according to the instructions. Maintenance of the machine also needs a good method. Be sure to stick to it and not muddle through on maintenance issues.

3. The power of the small combined ground preparation machine is divided into various horsepower, and different powers bear different loads. Be sure to farm according to the actual horsepower of the purchased combined soil preparation machine, remember to overload.

4. If the small cultivator is abnormal during use, stop the machine to check and eliminate the fault to ensure that the machine can cultivate normally without fault.

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