Investigation on the development of disc harrow industry

Specific investigation, research and analysis of relevant factors of disc harrow industry, in-depth understanding of the future development direction of disc harrow industry, disc harrow industry competition pattern evolution trend, disc harrow technical standards, disc harrow market scale, disc harrow industry potential problems and disc harrow industry development key, evaluation of the investment value and effectiveness of disc harrow industry, put forward constructive opinions and suggestions, for the disc harrow industry investment decision-makers and disc enterprise operators to provide reference. First of all, analyze the characteristics, classification and application of the disc harrow industry, analyze the development trend and development trend of China and the global market, and analyze the supply and demand trend and future trend of China and the global market. Analyze the competitive trends of the global market and the major manufacturers of production in China, including production, production, market share and global production prices in 2021 and 20222, regional production, regional production and regional production, including regional production, regional production and regional production, and regional production and regional production.


1, this chapter analyzes the upstream and downstream market situation of the disc harrow. The upstream market analyzes the current situation and main suppliers of the main raw material supply of the disc harrow, and the downstream market analyzes the main application areas of the disc harrow, the consumption in each area and the future growth potential.

2. This chapter analyzes the current situation and trend of import and export trade of disc harrow in the market, and analyzes the relationship between the output, import volume, export volume and apparent consumption of disc harrow, as well as the favorable and unfavorable factors for the future development of the domestic market.

3, analysis of the regional distribution of the domestic market disc harrow, the concentration of the domestic market and competition.

4. Analyze the main factors affecting market supply and demand, including the global and China's overall external environment, technological development, import and export trade, industrial policy, etc.

5. Analyze the development trend of the future industry, the development trend of product function, technology and characteristics, the change of consumption form in the future market, the change of consumption preference and the change of industry development environment.

6. Analyze the comparison of sales models and sales channels between China and Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions, and discuss the development trend of future sales models and channels.

With the development of agriculture in China, the comprehensive utilization of crop straw has been widely valued. There are many ways to use straw, and the way straw is returned to the field is very beneficial to the storage of the land. In order not to affect the subsequent operation process, it is necessary to speed up the decomposition of straw after returning to the field. This is undoubtedly a very good solution, cutting the straw to mix completely with the soil.

The root system of crop residues can be completely destroyed by the process of stubble nick disc harrow operation, thus accelerating the decomposition of residues. In the autumn operation, the stubble removal gap disc harrow can also mix the crops and weed seeds left on the surface to promote their early germination, so as to achieve the purpose of mechanical weeding. In addition to good stubble removal ability, as a disc harrow also has effective harrowing ability, providing a good seedbed for subsequent sowing.

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The correct use and maintenance of the disc harrow: in operation, the technical condition of the rake, scraper, square shaft, bearing, angle adjuster and connecting parts should be checked frequently, especially the end nut of the disc harrow group and the fixing bolts of each bearing. If it is found loose, tighten it in time, and remove the weeds and dirt on the workpiece in time.

How to maintain planter accessories

Planter A planting machine using crop seeds as a planting object. Planters for a certain type or crop are usually named after the crop type, such as wheat planter, cotton planter, etc. Planter accessories are very effective in farmland operations, so the planter accessories are easily damaged. Next, the planter manufacturer will introduce how to maintain the planter accessories. Before using the planter, we should have a simple and comprehensive understanding of the principles of all planter accessories. The planter manufacturer stated that it can be effective as long as the maintenance is carried out on the correct accessories to ensure the normal use of the planter accessories. The planter will extend its life.

Defects in castings and forgings

The defects produced in the casting and forging process are similar to the defects produced in the ingot, but they are still process defects, including pores, inclusions, shrinkage holes, loose holes, cracks, etc.

Production of castings and forgings

Castings and forgings must be melted by electric furnaces, mainly electric arc furnaces and induction furnaces. According to the different lining materials and slag system, can be divided into acidic furnace and alkaline furnace. Carbon steel and low alloy steel can be smelted in any furnace, but high alloy steel can only be smelted in alkaline furnaces.

Inspection of Casting and Forging

The complex information system management interface of casting and forging, such as poor ultrasonic penetration, coarse grain, uneven organization, etc., all enhance the scattering of an ultrasonic wave by students, and the energy can be effectively attenuated, so that the detectable thickness is smaller than that of forgings.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of casting and forging

One of the advantages of casting and forging is the flexibility of design. Personnel design has a large degree of freedom of design choice for the shape and size of castings, especially for parts with complex shapes and hollow sections. Steel castings can be manufactured using a unique process known as core assembly.