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Modified harrow 
In order to expand the overseas market, to meet customer requirements, the company to carry out technical innovation in the original disc on the basis of research and development of a large increase with disc harrow, set for the 1BZN series products. This new type of disc harrow, excellent quality, beautiful appearance, widely praised in the market at home and abroad. The machine structure is strong, the material is of high quality steel, and uses the international general heavy-duty harrow bearing combination, has its own weight adjusting function of cultivated land than ordinary harrow deep, using heavier lengthened pipeline, increasing rake width, work better.

Heavy harrow
In order to meet the requirements of large horsepower tractor, the company developed a heavy-duty harrow can be broken, the tractor is very large, easy transportation, safe and reliable. 
Combined subsoiling soil preparation machine 

In order to meet the market demand at home and abroad, the company developed a combined subsoiling soil preparation machine, this machine has the characteristics of deep loosening up to 350-500mm, the deep loosing soil, flat ground etc.. 
Sow arms
In order to meet customer demand, the company has developed a special large-scale joint automated planter suitable for sowing the legs.